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    Special cakes-Haimen cakes



    Special cakes-Haimen cakes

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    Chaoshan tea's famous reputation has a direct relationship with Chaoshan becoming a national sucrose production center in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. In Chaoshan, almost every county and township has different characteristics of traditional tea mixes, and Chaoyang Haimen is no exception. There is such a tea mix locally, which originated from early life in the sea, and became famous for a lost orange In terms of years, the appearance of this kind of pastry still has a lot of chance. So what kind of pastry is it?
    According to "Haimen Town Records", in the past, a fisherman in Haimen was about to go out with the ship after his wedding. The virtuous bride cared about her husband's warmth when she went to sea. She crushed the glutinous rice brought with her into powder and cooked it with sugar. Carefully make a piece of cake just taken in one bite, and stack it into columns, wrap it with red paper, and give it to your husband as dry food for the sea. Later, other fishermen found that this method was very good, and they followed suit to copy it. This way of spreading ten to ten has gradually become a local specialty cake-Haimen cake.
    In Haimen, there is a bakery that has made Haimen cakes for generations. The ancestor of the boss Fu Wanhong migrated from Nan'an, Fujian to Haimen. By coincidence, the ancestors learned the craft of making pastry in Haimen. It can also be passed down from generation to generation, and it is already the sixth generation. He demonstrated the process of making Haimen cakes.