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    Shaoxing City Koufu Food Co., Ltd.



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    Improve the source of vermicelli and noodle products



    Improve the source of vermicelli and noodle products

    Company News
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    From March to May, the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will carry out special rectification actions for fan noodles and noodle products throughout the city.
        The rectification work involves the production of flour products in the area under its jurisdiction, processing and processing wheat flour products (steamed buns, flower rolls, buns, bread cakes, etc.), baked goods (biscuits, bread, cakes, etc.), fried noodle products (churros, fritters, fried cakes, twists) Etc.) Catering service providers for fans of noodle products and noodles, fans noodles, noodle products processing and operating small workshops, small restaurants and so on.
        The rectification work will urge production and business operators to conduct self-examination and rectification, implement supervision and inspection of production and operation, and catering and consumer service sites, and implement targeted "targeted" random inspections on the raw materials in use and finished food. Discover and rectify general problems, severely investigate and punish serious illegal acts, and comprehensively eliminate all types of potential safety hazards.
        On March 27, law enforcement officials at the municipal and district level market supervision and management bureaus took the on-site fast food safety inspection method and took the lead to inspect the fresh noodle product processing and operating units in two agricultural markets in the urban area.
        After inspection, law enforcement officials found that some businesses had problems such as out-of-range operations, storage of unlabeled non-edible substances in food processing sites, and random stacking of raw material flour to occupy personnel passages. For business units that have problems at the scene, law enforcement officers will punish them for rectification and suspension of business for rectification according to the seriousness of the problem.
        At the scene, law enforcement officers then used food quick inspection equipment to conduct further inspections of fresh noodle products, and took a total of 5 batches of samples. After quick screening and initial screening, no illegally added prohibited substances were detected in all samples, and the test results were all qualified.
        In the next step, the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will continue to carry out supervision and inspection and random inspections, increase publicity on the harm and legal consequences of the abuse of food additives, and open channels for complaints and reports. Citizens can call 12315 and 12331 to report complaints and protect their legitimate rights and interests.