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    Shaoxing City Koufu Food Co., Ltd.



    Copyright:Shaoxing City Koufu Food Co., Ltd.   浙ICP备16015931号-1

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    Shanbao Coarse Grain


    Shaoxing Koufu Food Co., Ltd. is located in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, China's fastest-growing economy in the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, with developed economy and convenient transportation. The company has certain technical talents and production technology and equipment conditions, with independent product research and development, innovation and production capabilities. It is an innovative private science and technology enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of various foods with distinctive local characteristics. Division of Zhejiang Province science and technology enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shaoxing City, Xinchang County benefit agricultural advanced enterprises and other honorary titles.

    Shaoxing City Koufu Food Co., Ltd.

    The company mainly produces "Shan Bao" series of multi-grain pancakes, such as corn tortillas, buckwheat tortillas, sorghum tortillas, and kudzu pie, which have distinctive characteristics, and have been sold to many cities in East China and Central China. "Thin, crisp, fragrant" is the main feature, the pursuit of nature, the pursuit of health, with "good taste, excellent quality, pure quality, no added" and other advantages to win the favor of consumers.

    main products

             Since September 2018, after nearly a year of research and development, our company has invested in the production of "Bei Da Ren" series of convenient rice cakes, convenient noodles, and fans, etc., with hot and sour taste, sauerkraut shredded pork flavor, and table top pork bone , Australian seafood flavor, tomato beef flavor, etc., have entered the trial sales in some cities across the country, loved by consumers, and has broad prospects for development.
             The company adheres to the business purpose and philosophy of "quality first, integrity first", relying on scientific and technological innovation and modern enterprise management system, deeply digs traditional local characteristic food culture, and focuses on developing a series of products with ecological raw material guarantee and distinctive product characteristics. Further expand the market and develop towards quality, professionalism and branding!